The Information Sharing Environment and Emergency Management 

This ISE-SAR Functional Standard is designed to support the sharing, throughout the Information Sharing Environment (ISE), of information about suspicious activity, incidents, or behavior that have a potential terrorism nexus. 

The ISE includes State and major urban area fusion centers and their law enforcement, 2 homeland security, 3 or other information-sharing partners at the Federal, State, local, and tribal levels to the full extent permitted by law. In addition to providing specific indications about possible terrorism-related crimes, ISE-SARs can be used to look for patterns and trends by analyzing information at a broader level than would typically be recognized within a single jurisdiction, State, or territory. 

Standardized and consistent sharing of suspicious activity information regarding criminal activity among State and major urban area fusion centers and Federal agencies is vital to assessing, deterring, preventing, or prosecuting those involved in criminal activities associated with terrorism. 

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