Team Rubicon With Jake Wood

Jake Wood, Team Rubicon

This week we are talking to Jake Wood the co-founder and CEO of Team Rubicon and author of the book Take Command. It has been a journey for the small non-profit that could to the leading disaster response team they are today. It was a pleasure to sit down and talk with Jake. In 2010, following four years in the Marine Corps, Wood organized a team of veterans and doctors to head to Haiti following the devastating earthquake. After several weeks running medical triage clinics in Port-au-Prince, Wood and his cofounder, William McNulty, returned to the States and incorporated the effort as a nonprofit – Team Rubicon. Under Wood’s leadership, Team Rubicon has become one of America’s most celebrated nonprofit organizations. A decade into its work, Team Rubicon has over 125,000 volunteers, responded to disasters in over 700 communities, and raised nearly $250 million for its work. In addition to its impact on the ground, Team Rubicon is widely known for its innovation and unique culture. The organization was named the “Top Nonprofit to Work For in America” by Nonprofit Times and has twice been an Inc. Best Places to Work honoree. Read more about Team Rubicon on its website link below.







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