EP 79 The Rise of Private Disaster Relief Organizations In The World

This week we are discussing the role of the non-government disaster response organizations. Since 2000 there has been a steady increase in the number of organizations not affiliated with government that are responding to and doing an effective job during and after a disaster. Texas Disaster Inc, is a company that was formed after Hurricane Harvey by Jon Cole.

EP 42 Thinking, Acting, Communicating Starting with Why

Leadership is about creating that context, and context is about creating simplicity. And simplicity starts with Why. What’s our higher purpose? How does what we’re doing fit in to delivering on that higher purpose? And that’s when you can unlock potential, when you can unlock huge energy within your team, even in very, very desperate, demanding times.

EP 41 Communicating to the Masses Lessons From a Spy

I one time flew a C-5 out of Travis’ Airforce Base. You know, I got long hair, you know, good shape, running around. They’re like: are you with this cargo? And they point, and it’s a bunch of zodiacs, like six of them. And I look, and I go: no. No one believes me, you know?