The 2021 EM Weekly Top 10 Books That Belong On An EM’s Bookshelf!

As emergency managers, we need to keep ourselves up to date on the trends and new information that is out there. In addition, we need to read about leadership, policy, economics, past disasters, and more.  So, what are the books that emergency managers should have read in 2021, and what do they need to read in 2022? Join us as we explore our list and what the emergency managers have voted on for 2021! 

EP 72 Are Your Students Safe from Disasters?

Because it’s not the plan, this is the whole piece of it. The plan is the finished product, it’s the process to get to the plan. So it’s engaging your stakeholders, bringing everyone to the table, to make the decision, to go through the processes, to do the education, to do the training, that’s all part of the plan.