What is First Net? And Why We Need To Care

This week we are talking communications with First Net. You may have heard of this partnership between the FCC and ATT to provide priority cell and other communications avenues to first responders and other public safety professionals, however do you know how it works and why? Well we are about to find out.

EP 42 Thinking, Acting, Communicating Starting with Why

Leadership is about creating that context, and context is about creating simplicity. And simplicity starts with Why. What’s our higher purpose? How does what we’re doing fit in to delivering on that higher purpose? And that’s when you can unlock potential, when you can unlock huge energy within your team, even in very, very desperate, demanding times.

EP 38 Radio Interoperability Solutions Made Easy

Base Camp is kind of a magic box, in the sense that it’s a roller case that we deploy, basically, anywhere. And that rapid deploy kit interconnects agencies together using their own radios, and also, it provides telephone and internet service in five-minute flights, without any training