Emergency Management at K-12 Schools

Emergency Management at our K-12 schools can be challenging. Each school day, we send about 55 million children to K-12 schools. We entrust the teachers and administrators to keep them safe and provide a healthy learning environment.

Over the years, we have learned lessons about school emergencies that have brought light to issues of having a well-prepared school. This is done by training staff in their role in an emergency or crisis. In addition, it is critical to have emergency operations plans to prepare school officials and first responders to the unique challenges that the K-12 environment brings.

Although schools are not traditional response organizations, when a school-based emergency occurs, school personnel respond immediately. They provide first aid, notify response partners, and provide instructions before first responders arrive. They also work with their community partners, i.e., governmental organizations that have a responsibility in the school emergency operations plan to provide a cohesive, coordinated response. Community partners include first responders (law enforcement officers, fire officials, and emergency medical services personnel) as well as public and mental health entities in public and nonpublic schools. Families and communities expect schools to keep their children and youths safe from threats (human-caused emergencies such as crime and violence) and hazards (natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and accidents). In collaboration with their local government and community partners, schools can take steps to plan for these potential emergencies through the creation of a school Emergency Operations Plan (school EOP).

This week we are talking to Chief Scott Collins. Chief Collins is Acknowledged as an expert in school safety and active shooter training, serving for the past
6-years as Chief of Police for the Aubrey ISD in Texas. He is passionate about being at the forefront of school-based police agencies, Chief Collins has been called upon to assist several school districts in creating and opening their school-based Law Enforcement, as well as assisting several with their School Safety Audits.

Recently graduating from the Leadership Education Program at the National Command and Staff College in St. Charles, Louisiana, Chief Collins received the MAGNUS Leadership Award, which is awarded “…to the officer demonstrating life-long learning, ongoing self-reflection, character development, consistency, and motivation with valence and inspiration.”

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