Brushfire Plague series, R.P. Ruggiero

The book I was telling you about, The Novelist Boot Camp, I kinda tried to follow this, where they said: don’t make the mistake to make the character just like you, because it won’t be good writing. And basically said, like, the character can be 75% you, but you need enough detachment as a writer that it’s just not a clone of you, because then it usually just becomes pretty boring.

EMWeekly, What EM Weekly is all About

So, what is my experience in EM? what did I do? How did I get there? Well, I worked for a while for a couple of local cities, and the reason why I’m kind of being vague on the cities is that… not that I’m ashamed of what I did or anything like that, I just don’t really have the permission to talk about this in the setting here, but you could probably Google me …