The Moment of Truth by Kelly McKinney

Every job is completely unique that it’s just, it’s incredible, and you’re like, and you’re in the middle of the job, and you’re like, really? Like, you know, really like I gotta deal with this now. Like couldn’t it just be a normal job? Like when am I going to get them? What am I going to get an easy job?

EP 73 Blow Your Mind With The Leaders Brain

This week we are talking about science, yes the science of the Leading Brain. I have with me the author of the book The Leading Brain Friederike Fabritius. She joins us from Germany to give us the insights of what our brain is doing when we make decisions, and how to clear our head when the time counts.

EP 37 Transforming Leadership with L. David Marquet

But if you want to build a high-performing team, this is where I would, like… a lot of people I see, we have an inordinate amount of energy and time and money spent on recruiting, and then we neglect how people talk to each other. It doesn’t make any sense.