Em Weekly’s Emergency Managers Summer Reading List 2021 (non-fiction sort of)

If you have been listening to my podcast for any length of time, you know that reading is something that I think all emergency managers need to do. In the last few years, I have had the Top Ten Books an Emergency Manager Needs to Have on Their Bookshelf. Yes, that is a very long title, however, I am not sure how to make it shorter. Click the title of the book to bring you to Amazon…No I do not make anything off the purchase of the book, however, Amazon makes it easy to share.

Black Wave: The Triple Disaster

This week we are talking to Dr. Daniel Aldrich about his book Black Wave. Daniel was part of a study that looked at the recovery of the world’s most unique disaster. It is known as the three sisters of disasters, a tsunami, Earthquake, and nuclear meltdown. Join us as we delve deeper into the recovery of Fukushima.

Systems Thinking for Emergency Managers

This week we are talking to Dr Derek Cabrera. Derek is an internationally recognized expert in metacognition and that’s basically thinking about thinking and epidemiology, which is the study of knowledge, human and organizational learning and education. He completed his PhD in post-doctoral studies at Cornell University and served in the Faculty of Cornell and a researcher at the Santa Fe Institute. And He leads the Cabrera research lab. We discuss systems thinking and how do we apply systems thinking to the world of emergency management

You’re It: Crisis, Change, and How to Lead When It Matters Most

This week we are talking to Eric McNulty from the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard. We have had Eric on to talk about the NPLI, however today we are talking about the new book that has just been releases called You’re it.

The Moment of Truth by Kelly McKinney

Every job is completely unique that it’s just, it’s incredible, and you’re like, and you’re in the middle of the job, and you’re like, really? Like, you know, really like I gotta deal with this now. Like couldn’t it just be a normal job? Like when am I going to get them? What am I going to get an easy job?